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    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2270/slideshows/homeFullXL/spring-MVIMG_20190422-1440.jpg Welcome St. Mary's Immaculate Conception Church, founded 1858 Meet our staff /welcome _self
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2270/slideshows/homeFullXL/Welcome%20Page.png RCIA The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which persons become fully initiated Catholics. Our program begins on September 10, 2020. Inquire & Sign Up! /rcia _self
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2270/slideshows/homeFullXL/OMV%20Alton%20Easter%202020%20ccsq.jpg Come to Mass We invite all who are well to church this weekend! Learn all about it /church-at-home _self
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2270/slideshows/homeFullXL/eCatholic-stock-photo-21-1.jpg Faith Access our Digital Library to study and be inspired! Get started /spiritual-growth _self
    https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/2270/slideshows/homeFullXL/eCatholic-stock-photo-98.jpg Mercy Experience the forgiveness and mercy of God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation! When can I confess? /reconciliation-times _self