RCIA links to Songs & videos
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Songs and or Videos we may have played in class or during adoration, with additional links I may not have had time to get to, but it's here for you to browse to 'go deeper'.

Seven pillars of Catholic Spirituality by Matthew Kelly

Creation, Fall from grace class:
When God ran
How Great is our God by Lui Gliglio
Fr Barron, "Why do we believe in God?" and "What faith is and isn't"
Fr Barron, "Why did God create the world?" 
Fr. Barron, "Why is there such disorder in the Universe?" and on "The fall"

Catholicism extended DVD clip with Fr Barron

Creed by Rich Mullins
If we are the Body by Casting Crowns

Scripture and tradition
Word of God Speak by Mercy Me
Which came first the Bible or the church?mp3
'Sola Scriptura' the bible alone?mp3

Jesus & Prayer class:
Kari Jobe: The more I seek you
Fr Barron comments on "why I hate religion But love Jesus" YouTube videoFr. Barron clip from "Catholicism" on Jesus and "Who is Jesus?" and "How Jesus can be both human and divine" and his Geneology

The Church mp3
& The Primacy of Peter mp3

Fr. Barron comments on The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church
Fr. Barron on Papal Infallibility
Fr Barron comments on those leaving the Church
Fr. Barron "Protestantism and Authority"

Holiness Class:
Overwhelm Me (Part 2) - Adam Bitt er
We are Hungry
ncorruptible saints

Four Last Things Class:                                                      
180 DVD                                                                                   
I can only imgaine by Mercy Me   
Fr Barron, Purgatory clip from 'Catholicism' DVD
Fr. Barron comments on Is Hell Crowded or Empty?
Rapture and the Bible, MP3
Communion of saints, MP3 

The Mass
The Mass explained 
The mass explained by father Larry Richards
mass 101

Mary /Purgatory and the Bible, MP3

Fr. Barron on Mary and the Immaculate Conception

10 Commandments:
Fr. Barron's "The 10 Commandments are not suggestions"

Alive by POD

Fr Barron on "being born again"         
 Saved by faith alone?  Mp3
Once saved always saved?  Mp3      
Infant baptism and Original Sin, MP3
Sacraments Class:
Lazarus by Carman  
Healing through the sacraments by Sr. Briege McKenna     
Sacraments, Where are they in the Bible, MP3                                       
The "RCIA YMCA"  Song                                                                      

When I survey this wondrous cross

This is where the healing begins

Our Father and The Creed class:
As it is in Heaven by Matt Maher
Lord’s Prayer by Michael W. Smith
Fr. Barron on "The Lords Prayer"
Holiness by Sonic Flood

Holy Orders Class:
I will follow Christ        

Baptism & Confirmation Class:
"Cartoon Song"  by Chris Rice                                         
DC Talk: "In the Light"                                                     
Confirmation 101                 

Confession Class:
"God's Chisel" by the skitguys.com                                                     
How to go to confession 101
Fr Barron on Why Confess to a priest

Eucharist class:
Video preview Fr. Barron "Catholicism DVD"
True Worship audio part 1       part 2  part 3 by Fr Mike Schmitz
Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano played in class

Anointing of the Sick Class:
Creed by Rich Mullins
Fr. Barron comments on "The Lord's Prayer"

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